Quality of government statistics under scrutiny

End users being canvassed around improvements

End-user feedback on statistics

End-user feedback on statistics

Governments’ use of ICT statistics is under scrutiny. The Federal Department of Communications and Australian Bureau of Statistics are seeking feedback around ways to improve the management of this data.

The organisations have announced a “Have your say” initiative under moves to review the sharing of information and communications (ICT) statistics. A better use of these statistics is being explored for decision-making and service delivery.

This consultation, launched 16th January, is open until 27th February. The goal is to further improve the quality and sharing of statistics.

Interested groups or individuals can offer feedback involving their experiences and broader remedies. The potential of big data as one alternative to the gathering of statistics is under the spotlight.

This latest consultation offers a chance for ICT data users and citizens to have their say around available information and how these best meets their needs, according to an ABS spokesperson, Diane Braskic.

She said that ICT statistics help government, business, researchers and the community make more informed decisions. "The input from the submissions will help us make sure that these statistics continue to provide the valuable information that meet people's needs.”

Details around this consultation are available at the ABS web site.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference examine ways in which information is accessed, stored, processed, transformed, manipulated and disseminated. This includes the transmission or communication for voice, image and or data over different transmission media.

More clarity is sought around terms like ICT, ICT statistics, the digital economy, digital technologies, digital readiness, diffusion and intensity. Available digital products and services and contributions to a digital economy come up for discussion.

This review examines ways to improve the quality of ICT data for decision-makers and the broader community. It also identifies the gaps, overlaps, limitations and appropriateness of existing ABS ICT statistics and other authoritative data sources.

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