Queensland builds dashboard access for core projects

Flagship agencies share news around projects valued at $457 million.

Dashboard access to projects

Dashboard access to projects

A snapshot of projects valued at nearly $457 million can be viewed at a new-look dashboard being refreshed by the Queensland government facing an election this month.

Flagged as the first of its kind in Australia, this ICT Dashboard has reported on more than 200 projects since being launched two years ago. Recently-enhanced features offer a more interactive online look-and-feel.

This ICT Dashboard is making it easier to track the latest details about the government’s key projects including status reports, milestones and funding, according to Queensland’s Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), Andrew Mills.

More than 20 portfolio agencies’ project news is being shared. These agencies include health, education, law enforcement, community services, water, energy and finance. These snapshots are available at the projects update web site.

Technology audits

The state’s open government initiatives follow on from an earlier ICT audit. This audit noted that the administration invests nearly $1.6 billion each year in information and communication technology (ICT) projects. Of this, $1 billion is spent to procure ICT products and services and $600 million on ICT staff.

This audit report raised red flags around ICT governance, risk management, lack of transparency and project over-runs.

Significant reforms were canvassed, including ways to redefine the business of government and better engagement with the industry and consumers.

Queensland has leveraged open government reforms for the past two years, taking the lead from the state’s ICT Strategy.

Among the recommendations, this strategy canvassed fully-integrated dashboard access to core ICT projects, including timelines, funding and milestones.

These ICT projects range from data governance, mobility, information and identity management, as well as the modernisation of Internet sites, social media and communication channels.


Among the recent initiatives, visitors to the spruced-up ICT Dashboard can gain a “whole-of-government” view, together with a visual representation of how each agency is progressing with its projects, including the red flags.

GCIO Andrew Mills earlier said the goal is to make it much easier to see what is happening across the government ICT space. The more interactive look-and-feel reinforces a road-map to openness and transparency.

“We’re continuing to provide an explanation as to why initiatives have a red or amber status,” Mills said. “The new version is also more mobile-friendly with the information easily able to be viewed on all types of devices.”

Action plans

The state's ICT roadmap leverages a range of actions plans. Details about these plans can be sourced at an integrated web site. Moreover, Internet traffic to this site can be readily tracked at a dedicated gateway.

This site features the top publishers of content, updates for developers, and “Have Your Say” communication channels around government policy. Open data access is available for up to 1577 datasets and 5,800 information resources.

The broader online and mobile focus is to help consumers browse, learn and interact with government around key services, projects and policy reforms.

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